Cetacean Mutation

May 5, 2007

Another item from the old news department but I managed to see Matthew Barney’s “Drawing Restraint 9” at SF MOMA last year. And while I dug the parts of the “Cremaster Cycle” that I had seen previously it did seem like the whole theme of transformation through cetacean mutation through mutilation might be close to jumping the shark. I mean if it weren’t for the Village Voice review I think I might have thought I was being overly critical:


By way of spoilers this movie does have Bjork taking a bath and Barney getting an unexpected and unflattering hair cut. There is also a long tea ceremony and some stuff about whales. Of course with Barney’s sketch on the wall of SF MOMA about situation, condition and production then it’s a lot more intelligible.



3 Responses to “Cetacean Mutation”

  1. Jonah Says:

    Last thing I want to do is see a movie about whales – but thanks for the movie review.

  2. Ishmael Says:

    Yeah I’m not crazy about whaling movies either but hey it has a happy ending so I think it’s not all bad. I wonder what the deal was with those lemons in the bathtub?

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