Remembering Gerald

May 5, 2007

For reasons that are still unclear to me, I ended up in line to pay my last respects to Gerald Ford. There was a lot of discussion in the line about how this funeral compared to Regan’s and I ended up at the casket during the respectful yet kinda creepy silent changing of the honor guard. There were nice big commemorative posters at the exit and I spent a couple seconds watching an older couple comparing their cell phone pictures of the event. It’s amazing how much of how our intersections with history and culture are now mediated, shared and verified by a tiny screen on a phone. I guess I’d rather compare stencils.



6 Responses to “Remembering Gerald”

  1. Word Dude Says:

    Must have been something to see. Hey did you know Gerald and Geraldo both come from the same Old German name meaning “spear ruler”?

  2. Yon Yonson Says:

    I’m not sure what Word Dude’s point was but I think Ford should also be remembered as being quite the trend setter. I mean check out this photo from his time playing football:

    That guy from the Flock of Seagulls just swiped his hairstyle – and that guy wasn’t even playing football like Gerald was.

  3. Nameless Expert Says:

    Who cares about hair cuts or name stuff, this was the Republican president that in his ten step program to Whip Inflation Now (WIN) said “I am–I am asking you to approve a l-year temporary tax surcharge of 5 percent on corporate and upper-level individual incomes. This would generally exclude from the surcharge those families with gross incomes below $15,000 a year. The estimated $5 billion in extra revenue to be raised by this inflation-fighting tax should pay for the new programs I have recommended in this message.” What was he thinking? A temporary tax increase in a time of huge inflationary pressures just to fund reducing our dependency on foreign oil and making dividends deuctable by issuing companies and stuff like that. This is what these comments should be remembering.

  4. Paranoeas Rex Says:

    No whipping inflation or playing football are not how I will remember Ford – his lasting impact is his role make some not so minor edits to the Warren Comission report:

  5. pfmagic Says:

    I just wonder how someone living in California can misspell the name of our sainted former Governor.

  6. boldlentil Says:

    Huh? I didn’t even mention Grey Davis in this post.

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