Review of the new R2D2 Mailboxes

May 6, 2007

So I tried out using one of the fancy new R2D2 mailbox’s from the USPS. First of all these things don’t move any more than regular mailboxes so if you’re thinking you’re going to whistle & shout ‘Hey R2 come here I’ve some letters to mail.’ before catching the bus – you’re out of luck. Second these mailboxes suffer from the same usability defects of regular mailboxes – you drop in your mail and you don’t really know for sure if it’s in there. You’d think an R2 mailbox would beep or have light or retractable IO port or something would happen so you could know for sure that your letter or post card isn’t stuck in the mail door. Third it’s not any cheaper to use these mailboxes. If the USPS is advertising the 30th anniversary of Star Wars then I’d hope these mailboxes would be cheaper than the regular ones. Fourth based on my testing the mail isn’t any faster when sent from an R2 mailbox, but they are fun to have your picture taken with.



5 Responses to “Review of the new R2D2 Mailboxes”

  1. Pau Says:

    Hey, That’s pretty cool!! I don’t see spanish postal services be that imaginative, unfortunately. Fortunatelly, the movies industry is not imaginative either, so sometime we see crappy orange box-shaped robots which look like postal boxes…

  2. Yoda Owns Me Says:

    Maybe they could also put Yoda on the penny or nickel or have a special quarter with Yoda on it.

  3. Yoda Rocks Says:

    I think they should add Yoda to all the tax forms. Maybe all the square check boxes on the forms could be shaped like yoda’s head or maybe there could be yoda in different poses printed in real light green on each page as kind of a security thing. Or they could put Yoda on the back of the envelopes. Yeah the more I think about there more it would be really cool to have Yoda just everywhere on everything.

  4. Yoda Rules Says:

    How about for the 30th anniversary we drop Smokey the bear and have Yoda be the National Parks careful with fire dude. I can just see it, Yoda with his light saber out pointing out of a poster – ‘You Only, Can Prevent Forest Fires’. It would be so cool.

  5. Viva Yoda Says:

    We could also have Yoda shaped interstate signs. Might be hard to get all new signs for a year but maybe for one of the coast to coast highways we could have a yoda head shaped sign with the number. Maybe if it was just one highway, like 80, they could even re-name it to “the Yoda”. So people could say “I’m taking the Yoda to Teaneck this weekend, what to come along?”

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