(n+1)(n/2) Things I Learned Using the Internets

May 10, 2007

1 Thing I Didn’t See In Tapei in Tapei
2 Things You Know But Don’t Do
3 Things I’ve Learned About Blogging
4 Things America Agrees On
5 Things Microsoft Must do to Make Zune a Success
6 Things You Didn’t Know about Kentucky
7 Things I Learned from World of Warcraft
8 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Started
9 Things you Should Know About Trees
10 Things You Should Do If You Encounter a UFO
11 Things That Create Resistance and Anger in Others
12 Things to Do While in Dallas, Texas
13 Things That Seriously Annony Me
14 Things You Can Do With A Stick
15 Things That Everyone With Email Should Know
16 Things to do with 2 1/2 inch Strips
17 Things That I Realized
18 Things to Avoid When Making Sales Calls
19 Things I Learned From My Dog
20 Things that make me smile in Vietnam
21 Things to know about when turning 21


2 Responses to “(n+1)(n/2) Things I Learned Using the Internets”

  1. El Snarkito Says:

    22 Things I love about this school

  2. Snarky Snark Says:

    23 Things to do for small press month

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