Singing Songs and Slitting Throats

January 15, 2008

razor.jpgTo quote Mugatu, “I feel like I’m taking crazy pills”. Coming in with an 86% positive reviews over at Rotten Tomatoes, I must be missing something about Sweeny Todd. This movie builds to Johnny Depp singing songs and slitting throats. Now I really like Mr. Depp and Mr. Burton’s creative collaborations to date but I can’t help but think that Johnny Depp’s crooning about pretty women drinking coffee while geysers of blood spurt out of gaping necks is just awful.

I see that elsewhere the movie is described as “very good”, “beautiful”, and that “Johnny Depp needs to be in more musicals”.

First of all it wasn’t funny. The theater where I saw it, the black humor fell flat. Second, dude even in the 19th century they had letters. You could try to write to your wife or a neighbor or someone to find out what happened.

Now if one wades through enough Globe coverage it is possible to find some conflicting reviews such as it is a “depressingly bad movie”, an “extremely ordinary film”, “one of the worst movies I’ve seen in a long time”, and “like an Iraqi torture film but with stage music.”


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