MacWorld Meat Hat

January 18, 2008

OK it’s not really a hat but more of a beret. And it’s worn by a bald female model at a booth in MacWorld. There are three large displays in the background, people doing stuff and too many white points. This has something to do with a first time exhibitor at MacWorld but I’m not patient enough to figure out the point, hear the punchline or get a flyer.


Lacking any additional information on why a consumer electronics company would want to feature a meat hat wearing model in it’s booth and not feeling like making up some kind of unlikely scenario like the blatant carniphile tendencies of the trade show marketing manager finally overwhelming the agenda I will have to switch to a more theoretical post.

Is meme immunization possible?.

Now ignoring the deeper theory, which I don’t understand, the meat hat meme seems if not dead, at least pretty sick. There are minimal recent posts on it and most of the action seems to be a year old. If meme transmission follows a roughly infectious model and the internet in this case is the circulatory mechanism then, aside from living off-line, an immunization option would be really helpful.

After infecting myself with several different memes of varying strengths I tried to monitor my defensive systems. First, I already said I’m weak on theory but I’m not sure making a list is a meme. But any meme that takes work like typing a lot of personal information on the web or finding a book is easy to resist – laziness is a potent immunological agent in these cases. Second I found that skepticism is generally good at reducing a memes potency. Finally being a wiesenheimer is generally helpful but occasionally a mutation will occur and a new more potent meme occurs.

But I still took a picture of that meat hat.

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