Ulysses and His Ulysses

January 20, 2008


From the visual drabble folder.


2 Responses to “Ulysses and His Ulysses”

  1. Emma Shnawb Says:


    Wonderful visual drabble! If I’m not mistaken you have cleverly re-worked the illustration of Ulysses and his dog from A.J. Church’s “The Odyssey for Boys and Girls” to show that the original reflection on the loss of a faithful companion is in fact Ulysses contemplating his own future death, ever nearer, and beyond the main narrative scope but haunting nonetheless. Intriguing.


  2. Peter Parkour Says:

    Actually I think this is more of a clearly pop culture reference – did you note the category Emma? It’s mini-doppleganger. Hello? Have you seen the Austin Powers trilogy and the character Mini-Me? This visual drabble is clearly pulling in the symbolism of a stunted yet savage desire to rule the world as embodied by a stratergizing mini-doppleganger. Ulysses is old and he’s spent most his life away from home and what has he got to show for it? Has he conquered the world or at least part of it? No he hasn’t. In fact he’s going to have to sneak back into his own house and kill a bunch of people. He’s got some explaining to do – to his family AND himself.


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