“The questions die and new ones take their place”

January 21, 2008


Some quotes from Saturday by Ian McEwan (2005), also the author of Atonement.

28 – “There has to be more to life than saving lives.” thinks the main character neurosurgeon, Henry Perowne
40 – “Sleepless in the early hours, you make a nest of your own fears – there must have been survival advantage in dreaming up bad outcomes and scheming to avoid them.
57 – “It’s clarifying to be without desire.
159 – “Unlike in Daisy’s novels, moments of precise reckoning are rare in life; questions of misinterpretation are not often resolved. Nor do they remain pressingly unresolved. They simply fade. People don’t remember clearly, or they die, or the questions die and new ones take their place.
169 – “He isn’t ready to die, and nor is he ready to half die.
288 – on forgiving Baxter at the end – “But he prefers to believe that it’s realism: they’ll all be diminished by whipping a man on his way to hell.

(Ignoring for now McEwan’s views on blogging).


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