Stone Rivers

January 26, 2008


Andy Goldsworthy’s Stanford campus “boneyard”-robbing sculpture Stone River is an impressive piece that really does benefit from some panoramic stitching to better capture its sweep (although the satellite photos are close). His work has been described as ‘breathtaking‘, ‘fascinating‘ and ‘mystifying‘. A news item about the construction of the piece noted:

” Though Goldsworthy’s palms and fingers are callused and his fingernails are discolored from years of working outside, he didn’t lay any stones himself, he said. His role was to achieve ‘the ridiculous edge’ he was after.”

Edge achieved (imho). In a related interview he stated: “That’s one of the reasons I give talks — I don’t enjoy giving public lectures — but sometimes it’s necessary to deflate things.” There is also a Stone River now in Aspen, Colordao that has been blogged as “a hard piece to describe, a hard piece to photograph”. At the risk of finishing the post where I started, I’d have to say a panorama might work better.

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