Equinox at Avebury

January 29, 2008


The pub was full of pagans. Lots of tattoos, crystals and a greyhound wearing a velvet cape. Not being able to plan for a better coincidence, I got to Avebury on the day of the autumnal equinox. Winter starts under cloudy skies and looking closely there is an eggshell in one of the stones.


Then it’s a spider darting into a crack in one of the megaliths. Rain seems imminent, the pagans have returned to the pub and re-claimed all the tables.


Then its a pile of grey and white feathers smeared over bright green grass, like a bird explosion. Then it’s a single brown rabbit’s paw. Just like the good-luck key chain one of the neighbors used to have but this one just just sitting there in a field. Without keys, of course. But enough getting caught up in the details, it’s time for another pint of cider and the big pictures.



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