Eyes Opened, Eyes Closed

January 30, 2008

By the banks of the Guadalupe River in downtown San Jose, site of one of the only salmon spawning runs through a major US downtown in the lower 48 states, is a stencil.


Around the corner at the intersection of humanitarian tech awards and over a quarter million people checking out high tech corpses is a sticker.



3 Responses to “Eyes Opened, Eyes Closed”

  1. Tim Says:

    only? Come on…Bellingham doesn’t count as “Major US Downtown?”. How about Santa Cruz? Anchorage?

  2. boldlentil Says:

    Tim – OK so I’m sure you know this already but San Jose is the 3rd largest city in California and the 10th largest in the US (hence the category name) so yes as far as top ten metro regions San Jose is the one with an ‘urban’ salmon run. And I said the lower 48 to exclude Alaska. And as the 10th largest city in Washington state, no Bellingham doesn’t count as a major US downtown.


  3. Kevin Says:

    Grim, I say.


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