Lentils versus Lintels

February 10, 2008

The WordPress blogging dashboard Blog Stats tab has a nice feature that let’s you see the incoming search terms. I get lots of fun, interesting and even weird terms. Lately I’ve been seeing stuff along the lines of:


Which is always a great distraction from writing a post or categorizing incoming comment spam. In this case though, I think whoa – what is that word that sounds like lentil but is part of a door?

An exact query latter for “door lentil” I get a steaming, hot pile of links to sort through. There is a home inspection web sites that advises “evaluation of the window and door lentils to ensure they have sufficient bearing on the sides”. I imagine little brown beans getting their waistlines measured on a window sill. Another large web site notes a pair of garages “with door lentils crumbling, revealing the rusting metal rods in the centre of them”. I imagine tiny oxidized reinforcement peeking out from little brown beans. One religious education web site quotes scripture that “they were instructed to cover their door lentils with the blood of a lamb” while another advising what to do in the case of a spiritual attack says that you should “anoint yourself and the door lentils of your house”. I try hard to imagine nothing but am unsuccessful.

So enough suspense. A lentil is something you eat while a lintel is something you go in. A lentil is good for making dal. Lintel’s are easier to decorate. But hey who am I to complain – misspellings are the new wrong number.


3 Responses to “Lentils versus Lintels”

  1. […] link. In which case they are probably not amused to read a post about the difference between a lentil and a lintel (and hit back as quick as they can) or they are already at one of your top […]

  2. Tree Pruitt Says:

    I’m about to list an unusual handmade item in my little shop — a military teddy bear I stuffed with lentil. I thought to search around a bit, and to my delight discovered this rather entertaining, and apparently informative post. I’ll keep this in mind so folks don’t think I’m offering a toy stuffed into a doorway! 🙂

  3. boldlentil Says:

    Entertained & informed – that’s what we like to hear from our lentil filling military teddy bear making readers. Thanks for the comment.


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