How to Get Dressed in the Morning

February 15, 2008

Assuming you haven’t slept in your clothes or stayed up all night, most mornings start with getting dressed. While the importance of getting dressed at the beginning of a day is generally accepted and even encouraged I was hard pressed to find a good on-line reference for how to get dressed in the morning (but there are some good tips for getting dressed for concerts, quickly, and to lead worship) so I figured it was worth writing up a post.

1. If you didn’t wear anything to sleep in skip to step four.

2. If you wore pajama’s you will need to take them off. Unless your pajama’s include a t-shirt you were planning on wearing that day, in which case remove the lower half of your pajamas and skip to step four.

3. If you slept in your underwear, I’m not your mother but go ahead and treat yourself to a fresh pair – something unexpected might happen today. If you’re in a hurry go ahead and skip the fresh pair but don’t say you weren’t warned.

4. Assuming you aren’t wearing anything at this point then starting with your underwear is a good idea. Note that the socks-first crowd are pretty militant but don’t be fooled no one wants to risk accidentally getting sock lint in their underwear.

5. At this point there is some controversy. The pants-next crowd is pretty insistent about the modesty aspect of skipping straight from underwear to pants but the shirt-next crowd is equally insistent about the provocative aspects of moving on to the shirt. If you live alone or there’s no one to seduce just go ahead and put those pants on. Otherwise if you have an appreciative audience or feel the need to imitate Thomas Cruise in his first and best role move on to the shirt. Of course if you got to this step from step two then it’s pants for you.

6. If you put on pants at step five put on a shirt and vice versa. Note that pants is being used loosely throughout this post to refer to anything covering your lower half like a kilt or a skirt or a dress or slacks or shorts. Likewise the shirt is being used to refer to a top like a shirt or blouse or shawl or mesh muscle shirt.

7. Now for the socks. Statistically I suspect it’s right sock first for right handed people and left sock first for left handed people but this is pure unadulterated speculation. Just don’t put both of them on the same foot.

8. Shoes on and you’re ready for the day.



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