Fortune’s Wheel and Clean Lyrics

February 16, 2008

I got to hear half of a Fortune’s Wheel concert the other evening. Good stuff. I especially enjoyed the Basse Dance’s. I checked out iTunes to see what they had and while Fortune’s Wheel wasn’t there I did find a few other Basses Dance’s. One of them caught my eye – it had the flag CLEAN in the listing.


And I can’t help but wonder, is there classical music with a parental advisory? Renaissance explicit content? I can’t help but click through.


OK so maybe Peter got a little risque with the whole virtual consort thing and so ended up with a ‘CLEAN LYRICS’ tag. But now inattention has drifted from obscene classical music to the design of the little logo. Where did it come from? Is it a standard like the nutritional listing on the side of cereal boxes? Queries online seem to only return results relating to bands, songs and specifics but finding some back story about the icon proves evasive.

Now the musical group Fortune’s Wheel had a lyre player and it occurs to me that maybe it would be appropriate to tweek the CLEAN LYRICS icon as follows:


Which is kind of funny – I mean how many lyrists do you suppose there are out there? I wonder how many of them consider themselves ‘clean’? But now I’m thinking that Smokey Robinson album (and the English Beat cover version) really ought to have the following warning:


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