Probably Not a Banksy

February 16, 2008


While Banksy has presumably been busy in LA and other cities as well this stencil spotted elsewhere is probably not a Banksy. I took a picture and cleaned it up though cause it’s kind of funny to compare to the other rat stencils he’s done. Of course, the last time I caught a rat in a trap another rat had already chewed most of it’s head off before I could chuck it out so I’m a little luke warm on the whole rat as an iconic protest creature.

2 Responses to “Probably Not a Banksy”

  1. Banksy Freak Says:

    Banksy Prints – Di-faced Tenners

    Hi All,

    I am currently selling some of my Banksy collection – These are Di-Faced Tenners.

    They are in mint condition and they have been stored in an acid free folder in my smoke free home.

    I have uploaded photos here :

    Banksy Difaced Tenner

    There is also a video here on Youtube.

    The video quality is no the best. Please see the photos for better detail.

    I am also selling a Banksy Puma glove and a Banksy Paris CD (Please make an offer)

    Feel free to email me – banksyfreak at gmail dot com

    Payment via PayPal or bank transfer.

    Thanks for your time !

  2. boldlentil Says:

    No I’m not Bansky Freak, so this is only a ‘courtesy plug’. If you found this post you might be interested in B.F.’s stuff (with the caveat that this is not an endorsement). Nice pics of the tenners…

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