Reindeer Tails

February 18, 2008

reindeer-tail.jpg This is a reindeer tail.

Now I’m not really sure why you would want one or what you would use it for but while wandering through the virtual vastness of the web doing some benthic foraging about walrus skull’s I came across this site that offered reindeer tails for sale.

Additional searches for reindeer tails didn’t turn up much, some holiday costume photos, and handful of other hits with incidental references. An online report about the Alaskan reindeer industry from the 1930’s to the 1950’s noted that in 1936 reindeer tails were sold from “2¢-to-5¢” per tail.

So while search engines are good enough to hint at sustained global commerce in reindeer tails, it can’t reveal why. It’s like some giant information coastline with nooks and crannies seen from a distance with a pebble clearly labeled “reindeer tails” – but you can’t turn it over. Yet.

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