Make a Toilet Plunger Storage Thingy

February 19, 2008

Forget lowering stress through higher levels of productivity or creating beautiful knitted items with exotic materials, let’s do(1) something useful(2) with that toilet plunger mouldering in a paper bag in the garage. If you’re like me you probably celebrated President’s Day by doing some emergency plumbing and deep unclogging of the sewage pipes. The toilet plunger may or may not have been involved in the festivities but really, keeping a loose toilet plunger around even if it’s in the garage is asking for germs, trouble or both.

First up you’ll need a gallon jug of something – in this case it’s vinegar but all you really need is something plastic that will fit your plunger.


Next you will need a box cutter or utility knife.


Of course you will also need a toilet plunger – in this case modesty requires that it be shown in the previous storage(3) thingy, that is a paper bag.


Now that you have everything, it’s time to get started. First make sure your gallon jug is empty – in my case, all that vinegar was used in the place of fabric softener. Then cut off the top of the gallon jug with the box cutter. Third and finally, place the plunger in the storage thingy and that’s it.


Simple, fast and economical. Maybe not a splendid bit of self expression but I suppose at some point I could decorate it or add a handle or make it more complicated. But not today.



1. OK for some reason the whole “stink of the link” thing from Sarah Boxer’s NYRB review of blogging has stuck with me. As an exercise, let me see if I can blog with footnotes instead. That is the links are confined to the footnotes, but, each footnote should stand on its own.
2. Useful meaning productive or helpful. But not criminal. I see that elsewhere in the blogosphere there is a note about a man attacking his stepfather with a toilet plunger handle. This is exactly the type of thing we won’t be speaking of here.
3. I see that there is something called the Sani-Plunge Janitorial which they note: “If you run a hospital or top-notch hotel, you probably have professional concerns about allowing your patrons to see an exposed toilet plunger being carried about the premises. Not only is the exposed plunger likely to be coated with disease-causing bacteria, but letting the plunger drain freely or be carried without a container, sends a clear message that cleanliness is not a top priority at your facility.”
Pretty polished looking but at $69.95 over budget for home use. There is also the black vinyl Plunger Caddy which is a more reasonable $14.95 but the “designed by maintenance engineers for maintenance engineers” slogan is confusing – I’m not a maintenance engineer so I’m not sure if this is designed for me.

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