Roll Your Own Blognails

February 21, 2008

The previous post had recent blognails for bold lentil. How can you roll your own blognails?

1. Well it takes an image-centric view of blogging but if every post has one or more unique images then once you have 20-30 some posts you can get started. Note that these examples assume tall images since I’m looking for a tall post but you can use square or squat, just you probably want to be consistent.

2. This example assumes WordPress but yunz are smart enough to figure out how to apply the basic idea to your own tools and platforms. But given the visual editing tab you can get started. The example below already has a couple thumbnails but we want to add one with a link to the post “a few things not to do on your first post“.


3. So go to your ‘Browse All’ tab below the editing area to navigate to the image of interest.


4. In this case the “1st” image in the upper left is the one we want so we click on it to select it. Once it’s selected it will give use some choices about how to add it to the page.


5. In WordPress they automatically create image thumbnails for you so keep the click thumbnail radio button clicked. You can link to whatever option, like the default ‘file’, since you will be editing this anyways.


6. And yowza there it is – the “1st” thumbnail is now next to the shaving razor. This is of course in the visual editing mode. The last step is to switch to the code editing tab and add the link to the specific post.


7. The code view tends to be a bit of goop, greater thans and less thans but scroll to the bottom and replace everything in the href anchor or <a href= portion with the url for the post.

8. Repeat for as many posts as you want to create blognails for or write some perl. But that’s another post.

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