The Ording Room

February 24, 2008

It’s so hard to write up a review of the Hotel des Artes in San Francisco. I mean to do it justice you basically have to write up reviews one room at a time. Last time I stayed there we started out in room 404, which is dominated by a monochrome posterized profile portrait of the pop singer Madonna adorned with some corporate logos by Tim Gaskin. This room perhaps generated some controversy by provoking a cease & desist letter from Vuitton but we didn’t find it quite what we were looking for. Maybe we weren’t getting the whole the color feng shui thing. If over-sized simplistic colorful corporate logos and pop icons are your thing this might be a good fit, otherwise there’s lots to choose from.

So we moved to room 308 or the Kelly Ording room.


Which has a large stylized peacock.


Funky geometric forms, a lot of gold and wavy bits.


And yes the peacock overlooking the bed. A unique style, something personal and quirky – a good match for the weekend. Colorful, stylish and a bit cryptic. And if you stay in room 308 on a cold weekend, be sure to bring a finger. The heater is right below an interior window which means that after a hot morning bath in the funky claw foot bathtub there is a steamed up work surface.



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