Tsankawi Petroglyphs

March 5, 2008


Along the Tsankawi trail there are petroglyphs, caves, pottery shards and deep tracks worn in the volcanic tuff rock by visitors. This one seems to have a deer, at least one person, a tree, a spiral and and a circle with an X in it. The spiral is over 5 meters in the air. Were the Tsankawi really tall or have ladders or both? Imagination kicks in. Dad can I borrow the ladder? Angry dad says no way. A liberated ladder latter and a fresh smooth stone beckons. What to draw? Anything, everything it’s a sunny day. Long ago a great uncle drew a spiral. Something different – a deer. Centuries latter just about every other trace of a of a people, a way of life, is gone save for the etchers of rock. All of them – the strongest, the wisest, the noblest, the fairest, the most average are long dead and only the one patient enough to carve stone figures, presumably on a ladder dragged through scrub hopefully with some help, leaving any trace. Better hurry up and get this post etched onto plastic and thrown in a landfill as soon as possible.


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