Pi vs. PII

March 9, 2008


  Pi PII
What is it? A mathematical constant A T.L.A. for Personally Identifying Information
More specifically? The ratio of a circle’s circumference to it’s diameter. Things like your social security number, credit card numbers, fingerprints and so on.
Also known as? 3.14159265…, pi.gif P.I.I.
Uses? Converting degrees to radians and vice versa, among other things. Keeping track of customers and citizens, among other things.
Mis-uses? None known Identity theft, stalking
Special day? Pi Day or March 14 (1:59am) n.a.
Legislative considerations? Indiana Bill #246 California Online Privacy Protection Act (OPPA) of 2003
Learn more? Pi animated, List pf demos,Calculating Pi with frozen hot dogs. Google & IP addresses as PII, FISMA 2007 Report, Stripping (or not?) PII.



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