Muse Rhymes with Bruise

March 17, 2008


Is it really a coincidence that muse rhymes with bruise?

Maybe instead of seeing your muse as a sweet voice whispering brilliance from afar when the sky is clear and the rain has stopped it would be helpful to sometimes see your muse as a someone that is barely keeping their temper with you, who is your sometimes bitter collaborator. Creativity as something that ebbs with complacency and ease but never leaves well enough alone. At the same time don’t be afraid to stand up to your muse – I mean really how long was I going to have to work on that Tintin en L.A. sticker before giving up? Your muse can lead you down blind alleys, into impossible situations, consist of nothing but an impulsive explosion of unfulfillable potential. Sometimes your muse will be wrong and it’s going to take some effort to get your point heard. But only sometimes.

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