Bottom Posts

March 20, 2008

Canadian doctor-bloggers do it, Adobe Flexers do it, so do conservative geeks. In fact there are hundreds of thousands of instances of it in the blogosphere alone. That is to say top posts.


So it’s understandable to be proud of those top posts, those crown jewels of the grimy keyboards of the world, but I think that’s what the top posts side-bar navigation menu and in-bound links are for. Statistically if you’ve done your job right people have either found one of your posts due to a misspelling or an in-bound link. In which case they are probably not amused to read a post about the difference between a lentil and a lintel (and hit back as quick as they can) or they are already at one of your top posts.

What more blogs need is a bottom posts post.


And no I don’t mean the advantages of aluminum railings or other construction related posts about actual posts. I mean a list of the blog’s lowest traffic posts. The clunkers, the laggards, the lonely, the neglected. I mean if someone wants to really get a feel for a blog’s potential then certainly a look in the bottom drawer might be worth the effort before bookmarking or other serious commitment.

So without further ado, here is a tabular post of bold lentil’s bottom ten posts going from ten to one where one is the bottom-most post.

Rank   Post
10 lemon.jpg Lemon In Denial
9 2.6 yrs How to Deal With a Robot Manager
8 eu-flag2.jpg No One Has a Monopoly on Gorgeous
7 but… Still Haven’t Finished My Post on Procrastination
6 okra-bag2d.jpg Okra Bag
5 avebury-eggshell.jpg Equinox at Avebury
4 figure-88.jpg The Inflammable Vapors of the Dictamnus Fraxinella
3 muse-1b.jpg Muse Rhymes With Bruise
2 joyce.gif If James Joyce had had Access to the Internet
1 bristol-figure.jpg 4 Lines and 3 Dots from Bristol

Which kind of revealing in it’s own way. Bristol and one-liners don’t seem to pull much traffic. But you know other than the okra bag it’s not too bad of a bottom posts list – and even then don’t you get it, it’s a bag stamped with the word OKRA?


5 Responses to “Bottom Posts”

  1. observa1 Says:

    I like this concept. And what a great way to get those old posts read.

    BTW: Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog.

    Barbara Swafford

  2. Chris Says:

    Why I wrote my Top Posts was because for blogs, the Top Posts isn’t for all time – it is as the widget states: “Top Posts are calculated from 24-48 hours of stats. They take a while to change.” It would be just peachy if there were some option to not have it be a “rolling” Top Posts list, and instead just use all time.

    I also had written it to contemplate why people go to my blog, since there appear to be a few unique sets of reasons…. some of which I didn’t expect fully.

  3. boldlentil Says:

    Barbara – and thank you, it is indeed a fun way to dig through and list out some of the older (overlooked) posts.

    Chris – I’ve found that even my rolling widget for top posts generally includes a majority of my all time top posts (like penrose stamps) so I was just curious about the opposite… but I agree some of the top posts aren’t quite what you expect them to be when you right them (like the spelling mnenomic post)…

  4. pfmagic Says:

    What about benthic posts?

  5. boldlentil Says:

    Benthic posts are a separate category of distraction foraging, this is about postcycling. At this point I can’t stop myself from making more posts (reduce is out) so I’m stuck with re-use…

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