Fake Coyotes

March 21, 2008


Looking across the runway what do I see but a fake coyote? A pawless, hunched over, not quite life-like fake coyote. I’m not sure if it was keeping the geese away but it certainly made me think twice about the iconic use of virtualized carnivorous force. Stay away from here or you might get eaten.


These fake coyotes though were not just flattened cut-outs or another $99 item stolen in less than 24 hours. They may have looked like they were coughing up a hair ball but geese and airplanes are serious business. I see from a related post here that these 3D fake coyotes “require no upkeep” and are “made of weather-resistant EVA resin, changes positions in a slight breeze and is visible from all angles.” Although the front view shot posted here looks a bit odd, an emaciated legless shell with yellow eyes. The nose also looks a little unrealistic especially compared to this premium artificial coyote nose available online for $7.99.


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