John McCain Stencil

March 22, 2008


It’s refreshing to see the number of stencils out there for Obama. Lots of different messages, images and variations in styles. Couldn’t find any stencils for Hillary and while it’s possible to imagine them it seemed like what was really missing was a John McCain stencil. Unlike Obama and Hillary who seem to have come around to the point of view of quite a few Americans, McCain has no intention of “surrendering” Iraq. Even if that means defeating Iranian backed al-Qa’eda in Iraq. Thumbnail below is link to hi-res stencil. Use responsibly, link liberally.


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7 Responses to “John McCain Stencil”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Great stencil, based on a picture I first saw on the blog Bartcop. The picture was captioned: “I’m so friggin’ mad I could just shit!”

    I took the word “mad” to indicate a state of mind that is not so much angry (although mccain has a lot of anger in him) but one that is dissociated from reality.

  2. boldlentil Says:

    Glad you liked the stencil… what’s the phrase: “don’t get mad get even”, eh?

  3. Splotchy Says:

    Lovely stencil!

    His charisma is palpable!

  4. Now there’s a man who would make an angry president.

  5. blackacre Says:

    Love the stencil. Do you care if we alter this and use it with different messages at the bottom?

  6. boldlentil Says:

    blackacre – thanks for the positive words, sure you can alter the stencil and add your own messages… if you post your results somewhere I’d like to see them. BL

  7. Splotchy Says:

    I’m doing my best to get your stencil into the urban wilderness.

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