Screen Shot to BMP File for Windows

March 28, 2008


There are a fair number of pages out there that document the steps to get a screen shot for Windows transferred to the clipboard and then pasted into another application like Word or Microsoft Paint. But how about a way to get a screen capture directly to a BMP file for Windows without a separate utility? This can be done using Microsoft Picture Manager plus the print screen button.

  1. get screen set up with content to be captured
  2. use ‘print screen’ or ‘prt sc’ button to copy screen contents to clipboard
  3. open any picture in All Programs: Microsoft Office: Microsoft Office Tools: Microsoft Office Picture Manager. Can use one from \My Pictures\Sample Pictures\
  4. press ‘ctrl’ and v to paste the clipboard contents
  5. image will not show up in Picture Manager but instead the file ‘New Picture.bmp’  will apppear in the folder where the image opened in step 3 is located, for example \My Pictures\Sample Pictures\ if this is what you used in step 3.
  6. steps 1-5 can be repeated and then new files ‘New Picture(1).bmp’, ‘New Picture(2).bmp’ and so on will be created.

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