Ceci N’est Pas Une Spost

March 29, 2008


Some might think of spost as a shorthand for supposed to, or a last name, or a message routing command. But if sping is spam pings (and not a misspelling for spring) and splog is spam blogs then presumably sposts are spam posts.

But “Ceci n’est pas une spost”. Really. Let’s start by ignoring the gender of spost. Next let’s assume spost isn’t a form of search engine benthic foraging. Breath in deeply and dive under the ice. A blog query for ‘Ceci n’est pas une’ leads to a way cool giant walking cigarette post. A ‘walking cigarette’ leads me down to a beautiful young man with a mole on his bottom lip struggling with an MTA machine post. From a ‘a mole on his bottom lip’ I get to a post about the tragedy of a British teacher slain by a barefoot fugitive in Japan. A near bottom query for ‘barefoot fugitive’ for some reason leads me to a post about a celebration of black/brown unity. Due to some seemingly inexplicable quirk in PPC or pay per click, the query “black brown” leads me to a post about photoshop express. Skipping the content and going to the description and heading back up to the ice, a query for ‘inexplicable quirk’ leads to this ottophilic post.

Invisible semantic webs already surround us.


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