Tintin in L.A.

April 3, 2008


Tintin has always shown himself capable of handling a gun, fist fighting drug smugglers and dealing with the Captain’s benders. But what will he face in L.A.? Will he be able to resist the siren call of the 21st century, the fickle attentions of the ever-hungry blockbuster machine, the translation from static clean lines with a global trajectory to the narcissistic orbits and eye candy of L.A.? He’s entertained generations of fans in print, survived spies, sneak attacks, henchmen, gorillas, trips to the moon and the bottom of the sea. With any luck he’ll manage in L.A. A trilogy though? Played by a kid?

–Thanks to p.f. magic for helping me figuring out how to lose the baseball cap


2 Responses to “Tintin in L.A.”

  1. pfmagic Says:

    Who is this pfmagic loser? Why is he afraid of pumpkins?
    Where is Tintin’s tattoo? He’s not walking, is he? Only a nobody walks in L.A.

  2. boldlentil Says:

    Good question who is pfmagic? What’s his deal with pumpkins? I don’t know but I can speculate and otherwise make stuff up about him. Otherwise sticking to the point of the comment, the tattoo is on the inside of his right wrist and he’s walking to his car. OK?

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