Excuses for not Posting in a While

April 5, 2008

Over and over again, bloggers drop out of sight for days, weeks, months or even years. Diligent readers have to ask themselves – what happened? Too many lurkers, not enough lurkers, alien abduction? Bloggers disappear and readers are left with nothing to do but re-read old posts and wonder.

And then when they finally return what excuses do we hear?

1. they were moving their PC,

2. they were on spring break,

3. they were saving themselves until they had something unique to say,

4. they had lots of school work,

5. they honestly haven’t had much to post lately,

6. because they haven’t been doing well in the fight against fat,

7. they realize that (perhaps) no one is reading their blog,

8. they’ve been assembling a giant database from the past five basketball seasons of where players take and make shots,

9. they’ve been swamped with vizdev and flash,

10. there was a new baby and a death in the family,

11. they were out of town,

12. because they didn’t want to post something that would be a whine or about a guy or a meme even,

13. they have probably 995 reasons why they haven’t posted,

14. they messed up their computer,

15. because of work,

16. they were busy, very busy, busy, busy with stuff, busy, …

and so on. Now I’m not saying there aren’t some good excuses for not posting in a while but surely there are some other excuses to consider. Even if only in jest. Let’s ignore for now why so many people feel the need to apologize for not blogging and move straight to the dog ate my homework type of excuses for not posting.

“Sorry I couldn’t post because:”

1. my blog got this crazy virus and I had to skip work/class to nurse it back to health,

2. the janitor found my post-it with my blogging password on it and reset my password,

3. I filled up every last gigabyte of free space and had to figure out which of my old posts to delete to write this new one,

4. they upgraded the blog editing software to vi and now it takes me three weeks to write a post,

5. the negotiations to sell the blog fell through,

6. my anxiety about “peak blog” has raised long term doubts about the viability of blogging as a long term expressive medium,

7. my blog has suddenly become haunted,

8. I’ve finally refused to pay the mob it’s “blog protection fee” and have entered the blog relocation program,

9. my free blog hosting site is demanding it’s money back due to something about “negative page views” in it’s terms of use,

10. my blog was audited by the grammar and spelling police and found to be in so many code violations that my blogging license was temporary revoked

11. sunspots ate my posts.


6 Responses to “Excuses for not Posting in a While”

  1. Radikelsey Says:

    You caught me red-handed using the lame “Spring Break” approach. Next time I will blame it on my haunted blog :).

  2. […] they can be found effortlessly at some future date, then don’t get so stuck on having nothing unique to say – what do you want to remember? How to do a specific type of screen shot? How to spell mnemonic? […]

  3. pfmagic Says:

    12. My web host was attacked by a herd of feral pumpkins.

  4. […] be on the rise and certainly reports of attacks are, unfortunately, becoming more commonplace (via PF Magic). Furthermore, feral pumpkin attacks tend to peak during the spring mating season, which tends to […]

  5. swesKeeshylem Says:

    This look interesting,so far.
    If it’s not just all bots here, let me know. I’m looking to network
    Oh, and yes I’m a real person LOL.


  6. HansDietrich Says:

    Glückwunsch zum neuen Blog!

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