Quotes from DeLillo’s Underworld

April 6, 2008

Some quotes and three words from Underworld by Don DeLillo. Other posts also on the book.

542 – “everyday things represent the most overlooked knowledge.”

530 – “Whoever controls your eyeballs controls the world.” – bend to live?

525 – “It’s a question of mind over matter. They don’t mind and we don’t matter.”

785 – “-not that people want the same things, necessarily, but they want the same range of choices.”

810 – “I long for the days of disorder.” … “This is what I long for, the breach of peace, the days of disarray when I walked real streets and did things slap-bang and felt angry and ready all the time, a danger to others and a distant memory to myself.”

816 – “All terror is local now.” -from 1997 with cloud shrouded WTC and a church on the cover of the paperback edition.

514 – “But what happens, he thought, if you die some day and it turns out everything you’ve ever done in private becomes general knowledge in the hereafter.”

88 – “It is the special skill of an adolescent to imagine the end of the world as an adjunct to his own discontent.” – likewise for generations…

275 – lontananza – distance or remoteness.

280 – dietrologia – science of what is behind an event, an auspicious event.

539 – velleity – small things, wish, tendency.

323 – “And what’s the point of waking up in the morning if you don’t try to match the enormousness of the known forces in the world with something powerful in your own life?”

338 – “Pain is just another form of information.”


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