April 8, 2008

If geocaching is finding hidden caches by their GPS coordinates (or not necessarily?), then commentcaching is the quest for information caches hidden in obscure comments. Previously a commenter suggested that they could associate the hours for their local library with an obscure username and a supplemental text string. This comment followed a post about using a daily blog post as an online associative array or information caching using blog entries with an obscure user name and some unique content text.

Like if I need an emergency bottle opener I can just query “bold lentil” caju and there it is.

But I think the idea of commentcaching is a good variant on the scheme. It doesn’t require a blog and with a blog with an open comments it’s easy enough to cache info in a comment. The trick is of course not to be too obviously spamlike or so far off topic to be not even annoying but random. So Bleedsnoot – I have also commentcached your library hours under googapp sdk.

And that’s 11 characters.


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