WordPress Tags versus Blogger Labels

July 14, 2008

In the old news department, there are good online discussions that debate tags versus labels without seeming to get to the point about WordPress blog tags versus Blogger blog labels.

OK here goes – a WordPress tag is a user keyword that spans all the wordpress blogs but a blogger label is a user keyword for an individual blog.

Not that complicated.

So for bold lentil if you click on one of my WordPress posts, say Karl Attacks, with the tag ‘stencil’ you get this. Which is all the WordPress blog posts with the tag ‘stencil’.

On the other hand if you click on one of my Blogger posts, say Robin Gunningham stencil, with the label ‘stencil’ you get this. Which is all of Bold Lentil’s Blogger posts with the label ‘stencil’.

Pretty simple.

Now why cross-blog is another question but at a minimum it gives deeper appreciation to some differences between WordPress and Blogger.

FWIW the shortcut boldlentil.com is finally live.

3 Responses to “WordPress Tags versus Blogger Labels”

  1. pfmagic Says:


  2. pfmagic Says:

    In my previous comment, the bold and the italic tags worked but the blink and underline did not. I really like the blink tag – it makes the text happy and festive.

  3. boldlentil Says:


    Ah yes apparently blink & underline have been disabled…

    It may make you happy & festive but perhaps it rubs the design deities the wrong way, is obsolete and a quadruple-formatting overload.

    As to why – um OK why not?


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