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Karl Attacks

April 21, 2008

Karl Rove + Mars Attacks = Karl Attacks.


Rush Limbaugh Stencil

March 27, 2008


Divide and conquer is one strategy for dealing with opposition. Another strategy is deride and rancor.

Instead of a victory, which is perhaps unlikely any time soon, the goal is a sustained state of antagonistic belittlement. Derision and rancor don’t persuade or influence, but are instead an aggressive affirmation for the home team. The good news is that it’s pretty hard to humiliate anyone, liberal or conservative, into changing their minds. The bad news is that it’s pretty lucrative to try if you have the inclination, the audience and the willingness to do so. Ditto for Al and Anne.


Stencil of John Roberts, Chief Justice

March 25, 2008


John G. Roberts, not to be confused with all those other John Roberts out there (Using To Blind Eve I find a page that suggests the exact number is currently 2,659 – and there’s a map, Philip K. Dick would be flicking imaginary bugs off his keyboard at this point), is the current chief justice of the US Supreme Court.

As far as I can tell using To Blind Eve there is, as of yet, no stencil out there for him.

There should be.

If the Supreme Court is confusing – it’s not that confusing, they figure what the Constitution means right now. Don’t worry about keeping track of whether you could get a beer in 1932 or 1934, these are the guys and gals that will try to interpret the Constitution in 2009, 2011 and 2012. Can’t help but think 4/9 is enough.

John McCain Stencil

March 22, 2008


It’s refreshing to see the number of stencils out there for Obama. Lots of different messages, images and variations in styles. Couldn’t find any stencils for Hillary and while it’s possible to imagine them it seemed like what was really missing was a John McCain stencil. Unlike Obama and Hillary who seem to have come around to the point of view of quite a few Americans, McCain has no intention of “surrendering” Iraq. Even if that means defeating Iranian backed al-Qa’eda in Iraq. Thumbnail below is link to hi-res stencil. Use responsibly, link liberally.


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Shame On Yuh

March 18, 2008


Stencil seen on a two hour parking sign in San Francisco.

Probably Not a Banksy

February 16, 2008


While Banksy has presumably been busy in LA and other cities as well this stencil spotted elsewhere is probably not a Banksy. I took a picture and cleaned it up though cause it’s kind of funny to compare to the other rat stencils he’s done. Of course, the last time I caught a rat in a trap another rat had already chewed most of it’s head off before I could chuck it out so I’m a little luke warm on the whole rat as an iconic protest creature.

Close Enough

February 5, 2008


From the recently scanned pile, a stencil of a Chuck Close self portrait. A painter and printmaker of tonality, detail, and patience. Good combination.