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Stencil of John Roberts, Chief Justice

March 25, 2008


John G. Roberts, not to be confused with all those other John Roberts out there (Using To Blind Eve I find a page that suggests the exact number is currently 2,659 – and there’s a map, Philip K. Dick would be flicking imaginary bugs off his keyboard at this point), is the current chief justice of the US Supreme Court.

As far as I can tell using To Blind Eve there is, as of yet, no stencil out there for him.

There should be.

If the Supreme Court is confusing – it’s not that confusing, they figure what the Constitution means right now. Don’t worry about keeping track of whether you could get a beer in 1932 or 1934, these are the guys and gals that will try to interpret the Constitution in 2009, 2011 and 2012. Can’t help but think 4/9 is enough.