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How to comment in BOLD

June 26, 2008

It’s pretty nifty how the default WordPress admin settings allow you to see the top incoming search terms. The top bold lentil terms are currently:  

banana sushi, homemade bottle opener, mccain stencil, holes, personalized styrofoam cups, use of parenthesis, oboe, numonic definition, frogs, john mccain stencil, self.response.out.write, gustave doré, chuck close, unlucky numbers, and so on.

Which is like whoa. How about that banana sushi post. But then further down the list I see lots of queries for “how to write bold comments” and “how to comment in bold letters” and such and because the blog is titled ‘bold lentil’ people click here.


Let’s do something useful this time. Assuming the comment window you are typing into supports HTML then to comment in bold you will need to do the following:

1. start your comment, when you get the word you want in bold stop

2. type the begin bold tag: <b>

3. then type your words

4. the type the end bold tag: </b>

5. finish your comment.

So for example if you wanted to comment on this post: “Wow this is such a useful post.” and say you wanted to emphasize the word useful with some bold then you would type: “Wow this is such a <b>useful</b> post.” Which should look like this after it’s posted: “Wow this is such a useful post.” If doesn’t you can always move on to ranting about the sub-par blogging software.