Toxoplasmosis: Mostly-Empty-Space

Dude, whoa think about it what if like drinking beer is like somehow involved?

Like there’s this parasite, see, that like lives in hops or something and then if it is fermented then gets drunk by people. Then after enough beer you have to go to the bathroom and then the parasite after a brief stop in your brain passes out into the water supply where it’s then used for irrigation and then gets back into the hops or something plants. It’s like this cycle between the beer parasite and people and hops or something. And like maybe this beer parasite makes people think beer tastes delicious when it actually tastes like pickled bread? But once you’ve had a beer like wham immediately you can’t taste the difference and then the beer parasite is set.

But then what if everything you crave is like that? The donut parasite and the potato chip parasite and the fried noodles parasite. All just passing through and all biasing your world view in fundamental ways. We then just become an intersecting set of parasites. Whoa.

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4 Responses to “Toxoplasmosis: Mostly-Empty-Space”

  1. pfmagic Says:

    I think the human race has been an intersecting set of parasites for about 6000 years (since the beginning of the Earth).

  2. boldlentil Says:

    pfm, yes but how old is toxoplasmosis?

  3. pfmagic Says:

    Does it matter how old toxoplasmotoxicocoasis is? Does it affect pumpkins? Does anyone care?

  4. boldlentil Says:

    No texasplasmosis does not effect pumpkins but yes it does matter how old it is. Consider which came first texasplasmosis or infected cats?

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